How We Clean a Wall Mounted Split Type Aircon -Paranaque

There is a saying that if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

Unlike other Aircon Service Provider, we don’t use ordinary tarps or plastic covers in order to minimize messy cleaning in the area.  Instead, we uses an Open Type Cleaning Cover imported from Taiwan. We always ensure the customer’s satisfaction by delivering guaranteed quality service! We also always include a FREE service for Preventive maintenance (checking all the electrical & mechanical components of AC) to oversee & prevent future Aircon problems of your units.

Here are some of the photos we have during our Aircon Servicing for Wall Mounted Split Type Cleaning:


Good thing that there is a product from Kingpump Taiwan that helps our Aircon Technician to make their job faster & easier!

Here’s what we can help you when you need our Aircon Services:

• Aircon Cleaning & Rewinding
• Water Leaking Repair
• Maintenance Checkup
• Topping Up Freon Gas
• Modification to existing systems
• Preventive Maintenance Programs
• Replacement of Old Equipments
• Supply & Installation of selected aircon units
• Residential & Commercial / Industrial Customers

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April 11, 2015