Repair of Dell Laptop with ‘No Display’ Issue

Dell Inspiron Laptop M102p

*No display
*5 beeps indicates a cmos battery problem but CMOS is still OK
*Current stopped at .50a
*When signal of RTC 3.3v is not present in comparator, display will not come out even after spi flashing

Repaired in a jiffy! Yes! LIFE is back!

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What we can do to your PCs:

►Motherboard repair and replacement
►Screens replacement
►Screen bezel, hinge, cable replacement
Laptop shell/cover replacement
►Hard Drive repair and replacement
►BIOS password removal, BIOS programming and flashing
►Computer hardware upgrade
►Diskless Setup and Networking
►Battery replacement
►Windows, Mac OS, Linux installation
►Virus removal, system tune-up and optimization
►Login password removal for Windows and Mac OS
►Data recovery and backup with professional data vrecovery tools
►Computer Tune Ups

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December 20, 2016