Is it safe to use Aircon when it’s raining?

Still having a blast in Aircon Servicing though this month is a rainy season already. 🙂

Did you know that it is perfectly safe to use your air conditioner when it is raining outside? and doing so will in fact help to dry out the HUMID AIR in your home, making it more comfortable indoors with no risk at all to your A/C system. Unless there is an issue with your A/C unit, it should work in all conditions. But in case, you’re experiencing some problems with your Aircons whether it is a Window Type, Split Type, Ceiling Casette or Duct Type– don’t hesitate to call the EXPERT! 🙂

What we can do to your Aircon Units:
✓Repair of any type & any brand of Aircons
✓Aircon Cleaning & Rewinding
✓Water Leaking Repair
✓Maintenance Checkup
✓Topping Up / Charging Refrigerant
✓Modification to existing systems
✓Preventive Maintenance Programs
✓Replacement of Old Equipment
✓Supply & Installation of selected aircon units

Contact Details:
NEW Tel. No.: 400-9924 & 370-3711
SUN: 0942-3457208 or 0922-6582667
GLOBE: 0975-3750689


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December 20, 2016